Frequently asked questions

Are the legal services of LE DROIT CHEMINMC for you ?

Is the subscription mandatory to receive services from LE DROIT CHEMINMC?

Yes, we favour the solicitor-client relationship and want to do business with advisors who are committed to their clients with sound advice. We do not respond to occasional customers.

If I subscribe, how long will I have access to LE DROIT CHEMINMC?

The subscription is valid for one year. By signing the service agreement, you agree to use your bank of hours during that year, which starts on you subscription date.

Can I increase my hours ?

Yes, you can purchase an additional package at any time. You will also be notified when your bank of hours reaches 120 minutes (2 hours).

However, you cannot combine multiple packages to create a single one. Hence, should you choose to take 4 packages of 10 hours during the year, you will not have access to the Platinum membership that allows you to benefit from a reduced hourly rate.

Will I receive the legal response by email ?

Can I receive or transmit confidential documents to LE DROIT CHEMINMC?

Yes, the secure website allows you to send PDF, Word or Excel documents.

When does the 24-hour guarantee begins ?

LE DROIT CHEMIN is committed to answering your question within 24 hours of reception. If the question is sent after business hours, it will be presumed to have been received on the following business day, at 9 am. This is when the deadline to answer your question begins. The answer must be sent by LE DROIT CHEMIN by 9 am at the latest, the following business day. For example: you submit your question on Friday at 10:30 am, LE DROIT CHEMIN will have until the Monday, 10:30 am (if this day is not a public holiday), to respond. If Monday is a statuary holiday, the reply will be sent by Tuesday, 10:30 am.

Can I ask LE DROIT CHEMINMC to answer my question in a shorter time period ?

Yes. LE DROIT CHEMIN offers an emergency service during business hours. Your hourly rate will increase by 30% and the time bank is charged on minutes used. For example: you have the GOLD package with an hourly rate is of $200, the emergency hourly rate will be $260. The answer is given within 20 minutes. Your account will be charged $86.87 + applicable taxes for the legal advice. Your subscription now has a balance of 9 hours and 40 minutes of regular time.

How much can I expect to be charged for each question ?

Based on our experience, we estimate that most of your questions will take 15 or 20 minutes to answer once all the necessary information is received, for an average cost of $50 per question.

Can I transfer your response to my client ?

Yes, you can forward the legal opinion to your client. That said, we will not communicate directly with your client. If you wish, we can contact a professional doing business with your client, such as a notary, an accountant, a lawyer or an actuary. The costs of these consultations will be charged to your account.

Can I call you to ask you a question ?

Yes, you can call us during business hours. However, we will take time to summarize your question and provide you with a written answer through our secure website. The cost of the telephone conversation and written legal opinion will be charged.

If I have questions after the response that you sent me, can I ask you additional questions ?

Yes. A reference number is assigned to your question and there is a thread for questions you might be asking later. Thus, we can refer to the answers given previously and clarify points if necessary. The above-mentioned 24-hour response period applies here as well.

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